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For various types of electronic mechanical components silent testing, etc., 80 decibels outside the room, 20 ± 1 decibel in the room, waterproof, fire protection, stable and other characteristics.
One is that due to the large size of the machine and the frequent maintenance of the equipment, manual operations are required. At this time, only one large room can be used to surround the machine and doors, Windows and ventilation ducts are set up. This kind of sound insulation is similar to a large sound barrier, but people can enter it. The other type of sound insulation is to separate a quiet environment in a high noise environment for workers to observe and control the operation of the machine or rest. According to actual needs, doors, Windows and ventilation ducts must also be set up.
Second, the soundproof room is for the testing equipment of the work room, can be active silent room. The acoustic room adopts four-sided and top surface sound absorption, and the bottom sound isolation method enables the room to achieve a low noise environment. The background noise value in the soundproof room is less than 35-40 dB(A). In addition to the sound absorption system, soundproof rooms need to be equipped with sound insulation doors, Windows and ventilation systems, and electrical systems.
Sound insulation room is divided into acoustic properties
1. muffler / muffler series
2. Silent series
3. Sound insulation series
4. Shield series