• 活性炭吸附塔的工作原理
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5. 吸附效率高,能力强

6. 操作简易、安全



operating principle
The activated carbon adsorption device is mainly composed of active carbon layer and supporting layer. Activated carbon has developed voids, which are larger than the surface area and have a high adsorption capacity. It is precisely because of this characteristic that activated carbon is widely used in the depth treatment of water, such as domestic water supply, and the depth treatment(clean water) of the wastewater.
Activated carbon adsorption tower
Activated carbon adsorption tower
Dust gas is powered by a fan and enters the tower with positive or negative pressure. Because there is an unbalanced and unsaturated molecular gravity or chemical strength on the solid surface of activated carbon, when the solid surface is in contact with the gas, it can attract gas. molecule, It is concentrated and maintained on the solid surface, and the contaminated material is thus adsorbed. After passing through the filter, the exhaust gas enters the equipment exhaust system to purify the gas discharge at high altitude.
1. High adsorption efficiency, large adsorption capacity, wide application
2. Easy to maintain, no technical requirements
3. Larger than surface area, good selective adsorption
4. Activated carbon has the characteristics of wide source, low price, etc..
5. High adsorption efficiency and capability
6. Easy to operate, safe
Activated carbon adsorption tower
Activated carbon adsorption tower
After active carbon is used for a period of time, a large amount of adsorbent has been adsorbed, gradually becoming saturated, losing its ability to work, and will penetrate the filter layer in serious cases. Therefore, activated carbon should be recycled or replaced.