• 活性炭吸附箱的特点
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2. 净化效率高;SST系列净化塔采用两级反向喷雾,填料比表面积大,实验研究确定的气液比保证性能稳定,对各种浓度的酸性废气净化效率可达85-95%。


4. 小面积;SST系列净化塔是将塔体、吸收罐、循环泵、吸收管道系统组合成一套设备,结构紧凑,便于现场安装和操作管理,占地面积小,可适应新项目或技术改造项目。


The Characteristics of activated Carbon adsorption chamber are as follows: 1, products can be widely used in chemical industry, light industry, printing and dyeing, medicine, steel, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, electroplating and other industrial sectors in the production of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, such as waste gas and sulfur oxide socks, satisfactory results can be obtained with nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, CO2 acid gases, such as SST series purification equipment 2. The SST series purification tower adopts two-stage reverse spray, the specific surface area of packing is large, the gas-liquid ratio determined by experiment is stable, and the purification efficiency of acid waste gas of various concentrations can reach 85-95% 3. On the basis of ensuring adequate gas-liquid contact area, SST series purification towers select the best packaging type and structure with aerodynamic characteristics, so that the resistance of equipment is less than the rated air volume of 40 mm water column, this is the lowest resistance between the various packed absorption towers in China. This is very favorable for the use of corrosion-resistant low-pressure fans 4. SST series purification tower is a combination of tower body, absorption tank, circulation pump, absorption pipeline system into a set of equipment, compact structure, easy to field installation and operation management, small footprint, can adapt to new projects or technical renovation projects.