• 如何选择废气处理公司?
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In the production process of general petrochemical enterprises, the emission of process waste gas is also an important part.


In the form of petrochemical process manufacturing process, multiple exhaust emissions have more obvious characteristics.


In petrochemical enterprises, there is no hypoxia, and its concentration is relatively small.


Some higher concentrations are relatively high values of the tail gas recovery process, but the recovery time is appropriate according to the actual situation, so that it can meet the standard for reuse. For the catalytic combustion of the treated waste gas with lower concentration, it can be treated directly.


How to choose a good waste gas treatment and environmental protection company? First, we should understand whether the waste gas treatment company has sufficient environmental protection qualification, including environmental protection equipment quality certification, technical patent certificate, electromechanical, civil engineering qualification and honorary certificate.


The second is to know whether the waste gas treatment company has the strength of two teams. The truly powerful environmental protection company has two hardware, one is the technology R & D and design team, and the other is the environmental protection project installation team.


The last is to understand the successful cases of waste gas environmental protection companies. A truly powerful environmental protection company depends on its performance table and how many waste gas treatment equipment engineering cases it has and whether it can meet the requirements of the owner.


Of course, we also need to understand the reputation and reputation of waste gas treatment and environmental protection companies. When choosing an exhaust gas treatment company, we must understand from all sides. Only when the exhaust gas treatment company is selected can it meet the higher requirements of enterprise environmental protection.