• 冷却塔噪声源分析
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冷却塔是一种热交换设备, 噪声源主要有以下几个方面:





Cooling tower is a kind of heat exchange equipment, and the noise sources mainly include the following aspects:

The noise of cooling tower fan is mainly divided into mechanical noise of cooling fan and aerodynamic noise of fan inlet and exhaust, with low frequency characteristics.

The fan installed on the upper part of the cooling tower is mainly extracted reversely to achieve the purpose of cooling. The high-speed rotation of the fan will produce aerodynamic noise. Multiple blades in rotation act on the air flow, and then cause pulsating changes in air pressure and moving speed. The imbalance of its rotating parts will lead to vibration of the structure, resulting in vibration and noise.

Cooling tower water falling noise: the circulating water of the cooling tower flows down from the upper spray pipe and will produce impact noise through the free falling body, which is directly proportional to the square of the falling speed and inversely proportional to the fourth power of the impact water surface.

The noise of the cooling tower and the mechanical noise of the cooling tower mainly come from the vibration of machine parts. The parts of the machine will be elastically deformed during work and then vibrate. When elastic mechanical parts transmit vibration energy to the radiation surface, it will be transmitted through the air to form mechanical noise.